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Lake Marion sediment removal in January


In November, the water level at Lake Marion was lowered following a partial collapse of one of the toe drains in the dam. This issue was identified during an inspection conducted by Montgomery County, which is responsible for the structural maintenance of the pond. The lowered water level has exposed a sediment delta on the side of the lake closest to the Lake Marion Community Center.

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Monument Realty postpones their presentation to MVF Board to early 2024


In the week prior to the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors December 7 meeting, Monument Realty informed the Board that they would need to postpone their presentation regarding a proposed change to Area 2 development in Bloom Village to early 2024.

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Trash and recycling collection reminders


Trash collection is a service paid for by homeowners and managed through a contract by their local homes corporation or condominium association.

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EVP Report: Lake Marion Toe Drain project


Following an inspection of Lake Marion by staff in August, the county was notified of a potential problem with one of the toe drains. Upon further inspection, the county recently told staff that the drain was in a state of partial collapse and needs to be fixed (this is a county responsibility).

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2023 Year in Review at MV Parks


2023 was an exceptional year for Montgomery Village recreational amenities, including the opening of two brand-new parks, as well as some needed repairs and refurbishments to some of our existing parks. If you missed any of the announcements, read on for a summary of this year’s progress, as we look forward to another great year for parks in 2024.

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