Committee Descriptions

Advising the Board of Directors on many issues are various committees. Many of these issues include the Village's environment, transportation and development, recreational programs and policy, architectural standards and MVF finances. Ad hoc committees are formed as needed to work on specific, timely topics and are appointed for a set timeframe.

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Architectural Review Board

Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays: Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4
7 p.m.
North Creek Board Room

Reviews Property Improvement Requests for architectural changes or additions to the exterior of Village residential properties. Volunteers for this committee should be familiar with the Village and its architectural standards. A background in architecture, design, landscape design, structural engineering or the ability to read blueprints and understand building and construction terms is helpful.

ARB Meeting Packet | ARB Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Katherine Webb
Board Liaison: TBD
Chairperson: Lisa Lewis
Vice-Chair: Gary Miller
Members: Alexandrine Froger, Kari Salmonsen, Steven Yenzer, Ram Malhotra

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Audit Committee

Meeting Schedule

Tuesdays: November 5
7 p.m. 
North Creek Board Room 

Advises the MVF Board of Directors on financial matters and reviews the budget. The committee reviews and recommends for approval the annual budget and audit, as well as recommending an accounting firm to perform the annual audit of MVF’s books, accounts and records.

Audit Committee Meeting PacketAudit Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Daniel Salazar
Board Liaison: Doniele Ayres
Chairperson: TBD
Vice Chair: Keith Silliman
Members: Dr. Ellen Gaston, Barbara St. John, Brenda Yombo, Alina Cabrejas, Matthew Gianfrancesco
MVF Treasurer: Robert Carey

Commercial Architectural Review Committee

Meeting Schedule

Fridays (as needed): December 6, Feb. 7, 2020
9:00 a.m.
North Creek Board Room

The committee meets on an as needed basis to review proposed architectural changes to the exterior of non-residential Village properties, including design, landscaping, exterior lighting and signage, to see how these changes will blend with the surrounding neighborhoods.

CARC Meeting PacketCARC Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Katherine Webb
Board Liaison: Benjamin Davis
Chairperson: Judi Kranz
Vice-Chair: Gary Unterberg
Members: Wendy Hess, George Smith, David Post, Alex Vespoli

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Committee on the Environment

Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays: January 9, April 10, July 10, October 9
7:30 p.m.
North Creek Board Room

The COE makes recommendations to the MVF Board concerning the environmental quality of water areas, wildlife and forested regions in and around Montgomery Village.

COE Meeting Packet COE Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Scott Gole
Board Liaisons: Scott Dyer
Chairperson: Claudette Lease
Members: Nancy Farrar, Tim Goodfellow, Jeannie Pizzonia, Tom Vetter, Orlow Zumwalt, Edward Ohanian, Mario Salazar

Communications Committee

Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays: Feb. 6, May 2, August 7, November 6
7 p.m.
MVF Office

The committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding MVF’s communications program, including Village News policies, marketing and branding, public information, social networking, website services and other communications issues.

Communications Committee Meeting PacketCommunications Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Mike Conroy
Board Liaison: Andrew Bird
Chairperson: Melanie O’Brien
Members: Edna Miller, Christine Scott, John Llewellyn, Bryan Price, Jeannie Pizzonia

Election Committee

Meeting Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 12, 
Friday, March 13, 2020
Saturday, March 14, 2020

This committee meets three times annually on a schedule determined by the MVF Election Calendar (once in September and twice in early March) to administer the MVF Board election. The association’s By-laws limit committee membership to five. Applications for this committee are reviewed only when a vacancy exists.

Election Committee Meeting PacketElection Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Mike Conroy
Board Liaison: Pam Bort
Members: Nancy King, Moira LaVeck, Melanie O’Brien, Rebecca Smigel

Executive Committee

Meeting Schedule 

Wednesday, Sept. 4 - architectural appeal

Otherwise, third Monday of the month (as needed)
7 p.m.
North Creek Board Room

Reviews the proposed MVF Board agenda as submitted by the EVP after consultation with the MVF Board President and sits, as needed, as an appeals board for ARB and CARC decisions.

Executive Committee Meeting PacketExecutive Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Dave Humpton
Chairperson: Glenn Gargan
Members: Pete Young, Pete Webb, Scott Dyer (Alternate)

Investment Committee

Meeting Schedule

Mondays: January 14, April 15, July 15, October 14
7 p.m.
1/14 and 10/14 - MVF Office; 4/15 and 7/15 - NCBR

Advises the MVF Board on matters related to investment activities. Responsibilities include making recommendations to the Board on investment strategy and policy and approving investment transactions that are in line with the policy. Certified Financial Advisors, Investment Advisors, Chief Financial Officers or others with expertise in investment management / banking are encouraged to apply.

Investment Committee Meeting Packet Investment Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaisons: Dave Humpton, Daniel Salazar
Members: Glenn Gargan, Peter Webb, Wesley Brown, Jeff McCloskey, Robert Carey, TBD

Nominating Committee

Meeting Schedule

September 11, January 14, 2020
7 p.m.
MVF Office

Solicits applicants for the MVF Board of Directors, reviews applications for nomination and selects a slate of candidates to present to the current MVF Board. MVF’s By-laws limit membership to Village property owners.

Nominating Committee Meeting PacketNominating Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Mike Conroy
Board Liaison/Committee Chair: Jerome Leonard
Members: Mohammad Siddique, Susan Dunton, Jeff McCloskey

Personnel Committee

Meeting Schedule

May 20, Nov. 12
7 p.m.
MVF Office

The Personnel Committee advises the MVF Board of Directors on policies and issues related to the employees of Montgomery Village Foundation, including salary ranges, job classification and salary increase guidelines for budget preparation.  Per the MVF Bylaws, the committee shall consist of three members: the president, vice-president and immediate past president of Montgomery Village Foundation.

Personnel Committee Meeting PacketPersonnel Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Dave Humpton
Chairperson: Glenn Gargan
Members: Pete Young, Peter Webb, Scott Dyer (Alternate)

Recreation Committee

Meeting Schedule

Mondays: December 3, February 4, May 6, June 3, October 7, December 2
7:30  p.m.
North Creek Board Room

This committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to recreational programs and policies of the Foundation. It provides recommendations pertaining to the Recreation Department budget and makes suggestions for policies and programs for all recreational facilities, including pools, community centers and Village-wide events.

Recreation Committee Meeting Packet Recreation Committee Guidelines

Staff Liaison: Duncan Mullis
Board Liaison: Pete Webb
Chairperson: Karen Neilson
Members: Linda Von Wernitz, Rovenia Manor, Rahul Khanna, Ashton Foster, Jamie Kumpf Kendrick, Barry Wilcox, Nadine Taylor-Tolbert