Whether you've been a resident of Montgomery Village for 20 days or 20 years, there is a lot that happens here, and sometimes it can get confusing. Browse our most Frequently Asked Questions below for reference. Still can't find what you need? Search the website or give us a call at 301-948-0110.

I need to come to the MVF Office. What are your hours?

The MVF Office, 10120 Apple Ridge Road, is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Why do I pay assessment fees, and what do I get for them?

Assessments are fees paid by all owners of Montgomery Village residential properties and are important to the overall well-being and quality of life in Montgomery Village. Assessments are established annually as required by the legal documents of the Montgomery Village Foundation, the homes corporations and the condominiums. All assessments are due annually, but may be paid monthly by condominium owners and quarterly by homes corporation members. Installments for quarterly assessment payments are due on the first day of January, April, July and October.

Paying your assessments is what makes Montgomery Village possible - they fund MVF functions including staffing, common park property and amenity maintenance and updates, the Village News and this website, recreation activities and much more. Your homes corporation or condominium association assessments cover items such as community property upkeep, snow and leaf removal, trash collection, private property maintenance, landscaping and more.

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How can I get my Activity Card to use the pools and other facilities?

Each March information about the Activity Card process is mailed to all homeowners, including a Rights Form for rental properties; homeowners must return this form to the MVF Office to begin the process. Beginning May 1, new residents who do not have an Activity Card or residents who have their activity card, can fill out the form on the MVF website and upload a photo (head only, no sunglasses) or come to the MVF Office (proof of residence required). If an assessment account is not at a zero balance as of April 30 in any year, beginning May 1, payment of any prior balance, as well as the full assessment amount through the end of the current fiscal year, must be received as a condition for issuance of an Activity Card or Validation Sticker.

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What is the difference between Architectural Standards and Community Management, and whom should I contact for what?

Architectural Standards and Community Management are two departments at the MVF Office. While they have some similarities, their scope of work differs in many ways.

Architectural Standards is tasked with maintaining a harmonious look throughout the Village by setting standards for exterior features of homes in each community. This means any change to the exterior of the home (windows, siding, roof replacement, additions, decks, doors, etc.) must be approved before work is done to change or update your home's look. Routine inspections are made to ensure that all changes have been made according to the established guidelines and criteria. More information about Architectural Standards can be found here.

Community Management contracts with many of the homes corporation and condominium associations in Montgomery Village to offer management services in those communities. Professional community managers work with the association board of directors to inspect, maintain and oversee the daily operations in your community. This includes correspondence, managing contractors and projects, preparing and maintaining meeting materials, preparing budgets, collecting assessments and board elections, among other duties. More information about Community Management can be found here.

Specific architectural criteria and management documents (meeting minutes, policies, etc.) can be found on your Resident Dashboard.

What is the difference between my HOA/COA and MVF?

Montgomery Village Foundation provides services for members of the entire community, including recreation and parks programs and amenities; communication through the website, social media and Village News; architectural standards; and maintaining MVF-owned common property, among other things. Your local association takes care of community-related issues including parking, trash collection, landscaping, snow removal, infrastructure and maintenance of any association-owned community property. There are some similarities between the two entities; however, each is governed by their respective board of directors and operates independently of each other.

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There is trash on common property/on the curb in my neighborhood. Who can I contact to get that removed?

Trash removal is a function of your homes corporation or condominium association. If you see trash on community property, or see someone dumping it there, contact your community manager. Find your management agent on this list.

Why is there nowhere to park in my neighborhood?

When the community was designed more than 50 years ago, family needs and the number of cars each family owned were different than today. The developer planned for a certain number of cars per household, which, over time, has greatly increased. Finding "new" space to add parking is a difficult task in an already tightly planned area. Parking is a homes corporation or condominium association issue, the basis of which is understanding your association's parking policy, which can be found on your Resident Dashboard.