Community Center Rental

Private Use of Facilities

Lake Marion, North Creek, Stedwick and Whetstone community centers are available* to residents who pay the MVF Fee to rent for private parties held between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Rental rates begin at $55 per hour and require a $300 security deposit. Rental requests must be submitted to the MVF Office in advance to determine facility availability. Potential renters should download the Procedures for the Private Use of Facilities and Private Rental Request, and return it to Lake Marion Community Center Director Natalie Phillip. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any rental, except at North Creek and Lake Marion community centers with a light alcohol rental permit.  

*Stedwick and Whetstone community centers are only available for rent outside of the pool season.

For more information, contact program staff at 240-243-2361 or email


Community Use of Facilities

Youth and adult organizations, community non-profit organizations, business/commercial groups and other non-profit organizations of a religious, service, educational, political or similar nature, may be permitted use of community centers under certain conditions, timeframes and rental agreement structures, all in accordance with MVF policies. Fees for rental of any community center by businesses or corporations are based on the type of facility and number of hours rented. Potential renters should download the Montgomery Village Community Center Use Policy and the Community Center User Form.

For more information, contact program staff at 240-243-2361 or email