Application Submittal Information

  • Routine requests, replacement materials, changes in colors, and requests where there are established criteria and/or guidelines are reviewed by AS staff in conjunction with the MVF Design Consultant. This in-house review takes place once per week, on Thursdays, for most of that dayApplications received by close of business (5 p.m.) Tuesday will be prepared for review the following Thursday. Residents are welcome to contact the MVF office on Friday’s for an update on their application’s status. Please note: The time between submission of application and receipt of a decision letter varies based on the complexity and completeness of the application, but our average turnaround time is 10 business days for applications reviewed in-house.
  • Due to email/spam filters, some PIRs may not reach our inbox. If you have not received a decision or heard from AS staff within 10 business days from submittal, please call 240-243-2364 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check the status.
  • Major projects, more complex applications, or applications for which there are not clear guidelines or criteria will be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). The homeowner will be notified if their application is being forwarded to the ARB for review, and they will receive an invitation to attend the meeting. The ARB meets the first Wednesday of each month. The application deadline for review at the meeting is 5 p.m. the Tuesday 2 weeks prior to the ARB meeting. 
  • No work may begin or installations may take place until the homeowner has received written approval from MVF.
  • It is also the homeowner's responsibilty to ensure all Montgomery County or other governmental permitting requirements have been adhered to.
  • If contractors complete the application in place of the homeowner, an Authorized Agent Affidavit must be signed by the property owner authorizing the contractor to represent the homeowner.
  • If there are existing architectural violation(s) on the property, the property owner’s application for alterations or additions (not related to the violation) will not be accepted and the property owner will be required to reapply once the violation(s) is resolved. If the property owner’s request will resolve the violation, the property owner should identify this fact on the application.
  • If the project is not completed within 12 months from the decision, the approval will become null and void and a new application must be submitted if the homeowner still wishes to complete the project.
  • For more information about the application process, please click HERE.
  • If the project has not been completed as approved, it will be noted as an architectural violation.

Property Owner Information

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Property Address

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House Number and Street *
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Please Note: In an effort to reduce waste and cut costs, all decisions will be e-mailed to homeowners. Please provide your e-mail address above and check your e-mail security settings to ensure that correspondence from our staff does not get caught by your e-mail provider’s filters.

Deck Type
  • Attachments
    • Plat plan
    • Scaled drawing
    • Complete rear elevation including deck on existing house structure
    • Size
    • Materials
Deck Color

[Note: The door color does not include the trim boards around the door (door frame) which must remain the house trim color.]

Front Door Style
Front Door Color
Front Door Manufacturer
Storm Door Style
Storm Door Color
Storm Door Manufacturer
Patio Door Color
Garage Door Style
Patio Door Manufacturer
Garage Door Color
  • Attachments
    • Drawing
    • Brochure or photo of door
    • Actual sample of color- not the brochure color
    • For garage door: : material
Garage Door Manufacturer
Exterior Paint Change
Areas to be painted
Paint Manufacturer and color
  • Attachment:
    • Paint Color Chip
Fence Style
Fence Material
Fence Height
Fence Color Please refer to community criteria.
Storm Door Style
Gate Style
Gate Color Please refer to community criteria.
  • Attachments
    • drawing
    • house location plat showing location of fence and gate on property

***All fences must be installed entirely on the homeowner’s property, must be installed within 6 inches of the property line, and must not be installed on or beyond the property lines. MVF is not responsible for the exact location of property lines. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to determine the exact location of all property lines by using an accurate house location survey and to ensure the fence is installed completely on their property. It is also the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure all Montgomery County permitting requirements have been adhered to.

House Addition/Sunroom or Screen Porch
Application Type *
  • Attachments:
    • For Concept:
      • Plat plan showing location of addition on property
      • Scaled drawing showing addition in relation to existing house
    • For Final:
      • Plat plan showing location of addition on property
      • Scaled drawings of all elevations showing front, rear, right and left sides – if applicable, cross-sections, all measurements including window, door, and trim sizes, downspouts and gutters, roof overhangs
      • All materials to be used (a detailed Checklist of required information is available)
  • Note: All major projects must blend into existing house structure so it does not appear to be an add-on. All major projects require scaled architectural drawings, all measurements, and a plat plan showing the location of the new structure on the property. 
Patio Size
Patio Material
Patio Color
Patio Location
  • Attachment:
    • Plat showing location on property
    • Drawing showing design
    • Photograph or brochure showing materials 
Roof Profile
Roof Manufacturer
Roof Color
Gutter Size
Gutter Manufacturer
Gutter Color
Storage Shed
Storage Shed
Shed Size
Shed Material
Shed Color
Shed Location
  • Attachment:
    • Plat showing location on property
    • Photo or brochure of shed
    • Actual sample of color – not the brochure color
Siding Material
Siding Manufacturer
Siding Color
Siding Profile/lap
Trim to remain in wood
Trim to be wrapped/capped

Note: if original box bay had flat trim material on the front or side panels, the replacement material must also be flat.

Shutter Material
Shutter Style
Shutter Manufacturer
Shutter Color
Shutter Location
  • Attachment: Sample or Photo
Walkway Size
Walkway Location
Walkway Material
Walkway Color
  • Attachments:
    • Plat plan showing location on property
    • Drawing showing design 
Window Style
Window Location
Window Color
  • Attachments:
    • Scaled drawing if a window is being added or an existing window modified
    • Brochure or photo showing design
  • Note: all windows on one elevation (side) of the house must be replaced at the same time
  • Please describe window locations as seen from the outside of your home (i.e. not bedroom #1) or circle the windows being replaced on a photo of your home.
Window Trim
Window Trim
Window Trim Capped/Wrapped
  • Attachments
    • Sample of trim material and color
  • Note: if original box bay had flat trim material on the front or side panels, the replacement material must also be flat.
If the item you are applying for is not listed above, or if you have any additional information, please use the space below. Examples include, but are not limited to, security lights, security cameras, retaining walls, radon systems, etc. Please contact the MVF office if you would like clarity on whether your modification requires an application.
Upload required documentation if available. If not available in digital form, supporting documents will need to be delivered to MVF. Items that must be provided in person include but are not limited to: paint samples, material samples.


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Additional Information

Homeowner’s Agreement with MVF

I, the property owner, understand that an approval by the ARB is only for what has been requested on this application.* I understand that if any additional changes are to be made after the ARB has approved a plan, I must submit the new changes to the ARB for additional review prior to work being started. I understand that all approved changes must be completed within 12 months of the ARB’s letter of approval, unless a specific exception is received from the ARB. I also understand that the language provided by the applicant on the application supersedes that on an attached contract.

*Approvals for improvement requests in Thomas Choice and/or Horizon Run condominiums will be given by the respective association boards of directors, not the ARB. MVF staff will review the application, make a recommendation and forward to the association boards for final approval.

I understand that all ARB approvals are for conformity with existing architectural and aesthetic conditions within the community only. I, as the property owner, have the sole responsibility for acquiring mandated permits, hiring engineering professionals, managing water flow, and any other areas requiring professional or technical advice or approval required by Montgomery County or Maryland State laws and in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions as referred to in the deed to my property.

I, as the property owner, am responsible for damages to adjoining properties and all other persons resulting from the improvements indicated and upon the ARB’s approval of the request. Any damages or cost for repair of greenspace or community property as a result of any ARB approval is my sole responsibility as the property owner.

Permission is hereby granted for ARB members and MVF staff to enter on my property to make reasonable inspection of the modifications as proposed or completed as stated herein. 

Property Owner Signature *