Activity Card/Pool Pass

2024 MVF Activity Card Process

For 2024, residents will be permitted access to MVF pools with the following proof of eligibility:

  • Residents who need an Activity Card or a current year sticker, must first complete and return the Information Letter that is mailed to each residence.  New residents, and residents who have lost their Activity Card, can request one by completing this online form. For help with the form, contact the registration team (contact details below). Residents will receive an email confirmation when cards are ready.
  • Residents under the age of 10 do not need an Activity Card, however must be accompianied by and adult with a valid Activity Card to enter the pool.
  • Residents who are renting a property and do not have an Activity Card must contact their landlord or property manager before filling out the online form.
  • After submission, residents will be contacted with ready status and pickup information.
  • Activity Cards are only processed Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. The MVF Office is CLOSED on weekends. Please plan accordingly to receive your card(s).
  • Non-DU condominiums and HOAs managed by MVF (Horizon Run, Thomas Choice Condominium, Park Place I, Park Place II, South Village/Center Stage and South Village/Walker’s Choice) will be issued 2024 Activity Cards for the pool their community has been designated to use, once their Information Letter has been returned. Additionally, residents in these communities can purchase Day Passes for MVF-owned pools.
  • Non-DU condominiums and HOAs not managed by MVF (Breckenridge, Center Court, Christopher Court, Thomas Choice West, Normandie on the Lake I and Thomas Choice Gardens) can purchase Day Passes to access MVF-owned pools.
  • Children under the age of 10, regardless of their swimming ability, must be accompanied by an adult who has proof of eligibility.
  • If an assessment account is not at a zero balance as of April 30 in any year, beginning May 1, payment of any prior balance, as well as the full assessment amount through the end of the current fiscal year, must be received as a condition for issuance of an Activity Card or Validation Sticker.

For more information, questions or assistance with the 2024 MVF Activity Card process, call 240-243-2333, 240-243-2320 or 301-948-0110, or email

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