Overlook Condominiums

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ARC Management LLC
8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1100
Vienna, VA 22182


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Overlook Condominium

The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors has approved the MVF service fees for the Overlook Condominium. Payment of the entire annual fee is mandatory. Your service fees represent goods and services provided. Please note: This service fee notice pertains to Montgomery Village Foundation service fees only and does not include Overlook Condominium fees.

The total annual service fee is due January 1 of each year; however, a homeowner may elect to divide the service fee into four equal payments due on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Each homeowner automatically elects to pay quarterly unless payment of the entire annual service fee is received by the last day of January.

A service fee coupon book will be mailed to your billing address prior to January 1. If you do not receive a coupon book by this date, call the MVF Office to request replacement coupons. Failure to receive a coupon booklet does not relieve a homeowner of the obligation to pay the required service fee when due.

If you are currently participating in the MVF Easy Pay direct debit program, your service fee payments will continue as scheduled at the new rate, and you will not receive a coupon book.

If you currently have recurring payments set up with First Citizens Bank, you must update the amount of your recurring payments.

Homeowners should read the Collection Policy thoroughly for information on how payments are applied and the consequences of late payment or non-payment of these mandatory service fees.

The annual service fee for 2024 is:


Amount Due Annually

Amount If Paid Quarterly

MVF Service Fee


$ 66.00