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Lake Marion sediment removal in January


LM Sediment MapIn November, the water level at Lake Marion was lowered following a partial collapse of one of the toe drains in the dam. This issue was identified during an inspection conducted by Montgomery County, which is responsible for the structural maintenance of the pond. The lowered water level has exposed a sediment delta on the side of the lake closest to the Lake Marion Community Center.

Montgomery County is scheduled to initiate the removal of the exposed sediment in January during the week of January 8 and is anticipated to last between 3 and 4 weeks, depending on weather conditions. During this period, a portion of the path at Lake Marion will be temporarily closed. This image shows the approximate area of closure and MVF asks the community to adhere to all posted notices, refraining from entering any closed areas.

As of now, the county has not provided MVF with a timeline for the required repairs to the toe drain. The water level will remain lowered, and the safety fence around the lake will stay in place until the necessary repairs to the toe drain are completed.  MVF will continue to update the community when there is more information available on the possible timeline to complete the repair work.

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