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Monument Realty proposes change to Area 2 development


On November 6, Monument Realty presented their concept of replacing 8 single-family (SFH) detached home lots with 7 strings of townhomes (TH) along the still-to-be-built extension of Stewartown Road in Area 2 of the Bloom Village development. Monument Realty President Russell Hines addressed the crowd of 70-plus residents, mostly from Patton Ridge, who were unanimously against this concept. Monument’s plan calls for 40 total TH, a net change of 32 over the current approved site plan.

Hines briefly reviewed the history of the development project, noting the 10-year, multi-million-dollar commitment and investment in the community, as well as the additional ongoing assessment revenue it generates for Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF). He said the current site plan (after several amendments) calls for 514 total homes on the former golf course property; to date, 343 home sites have been completed. Area 2, which will be built along (and includes) the extension of Stewartown Road—past David B. Humpton Park and continuing to Watkins Mill Road—is the final section to be constructed. Hines explained the reason for considering this change is a significant increase in construction costs, specifically to build Stewartown Road, which is also part of the approved plan.

Previously, Monument discussed turning the two SFH lots closer to Watkins Mill Road into two strings of TH, with no objection from neighboring properties. They tabled the idea for further discussion, and those homes are included in the 8 total sites now in question. His presentation centered on what the views from the existing homes in Patton Ridge would be with either the SFH or TH on the lots in question. In either case, the elevation change from the Patton Ridge homes to Area 2 is approximately (+/-) 20 feet, with Area 2 sitting lower (meaning existing Patton Ridge homes would look at the Area 2 homes’ roofline). He noted that a retaining wall and landscape buffer would also be installed.

Residents in attendance were upset with this proposal, asking Hines to “just stick with the original plan.”

Other concerns expressed included: additional cars/traffic/parking issues; light pollution from the cars pulling into the TH strings; proximity of the TH units to existing homes versus that of the planned SFH; increased moderately priced dwelling units; current lack of SFH inventory in the real estate market; increased commercial vehicle parking/lack of parking spaces; adequate utility capacity; and impacts on schools. Many residents said they did not like the original concept of developing the golf course at all, but agreed to it after months of planning and compromise; they were not excited by this potential change.

Hines noted there was currently no timeline established to move forward or not with the proposal, other than making a presentation to the MVF Board of Directors in early 2024 (note: previously, Hines was preparing to present the concept at the Thursday, Dec. 7 meeting; this timeline changed the week of December 4).

If Monument chose to move forward with the concept, they would follow the county process and receive a hearing date before the Planning Board. Hines said the current approved plan calls for Area 2 construction to begin in March/April 2024.

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