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As our community ages, maintaining, enhancing and adding to our infrastructure, facilities and amenities is a must. The Montgomery Village Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to keeping the Village a desirable, flourishing community in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Use the below links for information regarding current development and projects in and around Montgomery Village.

Apple Ridge Pool Renovation

The Apple Ridge Pool was renamed the Peggy Mark Pool and opened for the 2017 season for all residents to enjoy! The new “leisure” pool features a “lazy river” or current channel; an open body slide; a double family slide; water features including dump buckets and pipe falls; spray ground; beach entry; in-water sun-shelf lounging area; an underwater bench sitting area with cool water jets; a bridge to an island pool deck; and an ADA compliant access ramp. Additionally, the wading pool will feature a beach entry and water features suitable for younger pool-goers.

Check out the full build in this short time lapse video:


Apple Ridge Pool renovation

Village Center Revitalization

Demolition of the pad sites along Montgomery Village Avenue has begun. Demolition of the old Village Café and laundry and small plaza area will allow for the extension of Centerway Road to be punched through to the rear of the Village Center. The schedule shows much site redevelopment work, including the extension of Centerway Road, façade enhancements and creation of the park through 2020. The construction of the pad sites and major retail tenants will continue through the same period

On the residential side of the Village Center improvements, ARC will seek site plan approval from the Planning Board later in 2019 and is hopeful to sign a contract with a residential builder to purchase residential lots at the rear of the site by the end of the year. It is possible that new residential construction—both townhouses and 2-over-2 condominiums—can commence construction in mid-2020.Village Center site plan

Village Center greenspace


MVF Resolution to Support Village Center Sketch Plan

ARC Presentation 8-8-17

ARC Presentation to CARC April 2018

Planning Board Staff Report


MV Professional Center

Lidl as of September 10, has submitted a Preliminary Plan and Site Plan to develop two lots on 6.52 acres of land at the old Professional Center site. The first lot will be a grocery store owned by Lidl of not more than 30,000 square feet.

The second lot, although having a conceptual building layout on the site plan, has no use identified, but will probably be retail. The plan will likely be on the Planning Board agenda in January of 2020. The plan must also receive final approval from MVF’s Commercial Architectural Review Committee (CARC).

Third Supplemental and Amended and Restated Declaration and Grant of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions for the Montgomery Village Professional Center


Vision 2030

In preparation for the Gaithersburg East Master Plan, later separated into the Montgomery Village Master Plan, which Montgomery County originally set to work on in 2014, the MVF Board of Directors appointed the Vision 2030 Steering Committee to work with a professional land use consultant to: 1) develop a general vision statement that would articulate the community’s vision and would influence the county’s master plan update; and 2) hold a number of charrettes to get residents’ and others’ input on how to change, improve or enhance various areas of Montgomery Village. A series of three, two-day community charrettes were held, and various land use options were developed for each site. Feedback during the charrette process demonstrated that the community recognizes the need for change and that there needs to be an infusion of new high quality development, both residential and commercial, as well as updated public facilities in order for Montgomery Village to maintain a sense of community and serenity in an ever urbanizing county.

Questions such as “How do we make things more attractive, fresh and vibrant?” came up over and over, as residents and professional planners shared ideas and in some cases, drawings for various areas of the Village. “How do we strengthen our sense of community? How do we increase property values? What kinds of housing or commercial facilities do we need?” The committee identified four sites in the Village that will be ripe for redevelopment in the next 20 years. Concept plans were developed for each location and then presented to the MVF Board of Directors, the Montgomery County Council and the Montgomery County Planning Board. 

Vision 2030 Report

MVGC Development/Bloom Montgomery Village

After receiving a certification of the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan in July 2018, Monument Realty engaged in discussions with a number of home builders to identify the appropriate party to carry out the Bloom MV vision. On April 23, Monument entered into an agreement with Ryan Homes, a division of NVR, to supply the home builder with finished lots. Subject to completing the county’s lengthy Record Plat process and subsequent permitting, Monument currently estimates a ground breaking to occur in late 2019 to early 2020.

Last summer, the county Department of the Environment (DEP) began a detailed review of the former golf course’s storm water facilities, including identifying facilities that were previously unknown and undocumented. Monument’s discussions with DEP ended with positive news for Montgomery Village, as DEP agreed to take on the long-term structural maintenance of four existing stormwater facilities serving the residential communities surrounding the former golf course. An agreement was signed by Monument and the county in April 2019, which allowed the development to move forward.

In an effort to adhere to the 25% MPDU program, which Monument presented to the community in October 2018, Monument referenced the 25% MPDUs in an administrative site plan amendment that was otherwise documenting forest conservation areas in the stream valley park and some very minor tweaks to the plans (e.g., shifting paths, minor changes to retaining walls, etc.) Note that it is customary to have minor changes during the final engineering process. Planning staff had agreed that these changes were consistent with an administrative process, but after the amendment was advertised (as required), several residents raised objections to the 25% MPDU program, which prompted planning staff to require a public hearing.

The hearing has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 3 before the Planning Board. Monument is hopeful of securing a Certified Site Plan in late October, which they must have before gaining final building permits. Assuming there are no other obstacles with the county’s review and processing of the submissions, Monument should be ready to start moving dirt in Areas 4 and 5 (property between Arrowhead Road and Montgomery Village Avenue) by the end of January and be able to deliver the first model home in June 2020.

Monument is excited to continue to move the project forward and to deliver a wonderful new community to Montgomery Village, including 494 housing units (26 single family homes, 2 duplexes and 466 town houses); a new park for MVF; and a large stream valley park, which may eventually be conveyed to M-NCPPC.

Bloom Concept Plan

Preliminary Plan Application

Central Park DRAFT Site Plan

Site Plan Revisions 8-2017

Site Plan Update 9-28-17

NRI/Forest Conservation Plan

Site Plan Amendment 8-13-19

For more information on Bloom, visit

MV Master Plan

On February 9, 2017 the Montgomery County Council unanimously adopted the Montgomery Village Master Plan. Over the last two years, the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors, MVF staff, Village residents, county planners and business stakeholders in the Village, including Monument Realty, worked to provide feedback and comments on the proposed plan.

County Council President Nancy Floreen thanked all who participated, noting that MVF and the Vision 2030 Plan helped lay the groundwork for this totally new Master Plan.

The comprehensive re-zoning of all properties in Montgomery Village continues to be processed by the county council. The Planning Board has recommended all the zoning recommendations in the recently adopted Montgomery Village Master Plan and the overlay zone. MVF Board President Pete Young presented testimony on behalf of the Board at a public hearing during a county council meeting, endorsing the zoning proposed in the master plan, including the overlay zone.

The testimony on Sectional Map Amendment (SMA-H-112).

For more information or to view the Montgomery Village Master Plan, visit

Lake Whetstone Toe Drain Inspection

Montgomery Village Avenue is the dam for Lake Whetstone. It has an internal drainage system to collect and filter seepage, which occurs in all dams. Modern earth embankment dams, like Lake Whetstone Dam, are designed with internal drainage features to collect seepage passing through the dam. Uncontrolled or unfiltered seepage creates dam instability and concern for dam health and function. Therefore, assurance of the proper performance of the dam internal seepage collection system, including its toe drain, is critical for the stability of the dam.

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) conducts routine inspections to Lake Whetstone and its dam. Recent inspection has found Lake Whetstone’s toe drain pipe has corrosion. DEP has retained Gannett Fleming, Inc. to evaluate Lake Whetstone Dam internal seepage collection system. This evaluation is the first phase of the toe drain repair project.

The evaluation work includes:

  • drilling of soil borings
  • installation of monitoring instrumentation in the dam and
  • pressure washing and video inspection of the internal metal drain pipes

Drilling on the crest and slopes of the Lake Whetstone Dam will start soon, pending on approval of the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Field work will began on Monday, Feb.1 (weather permitting) and will occur from 7 a.m. to around 5 p.m. on weekdays. Work will be completed in about four weeks. One lane of the Montgomery Village Avenue will be closed during drilling equipment unloading and setup time on the crest of the dam, to provide sufficient space and a safe working environment. Lane closure will last three to five days during the working period and won’t be full work hours of each day (not during hours of high traffic volume). The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (DOT) approved the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan designed by Gannett Fleming, Inc. to control traffic in the road during the lane closure.s

Solar Panel Installation

Lake Marion Solar PanelsAmong the MVF Board of Directors recent strategic goals is reducing energy costs and carbon footprint through green initiatives. This is not only environmentally friendly, but helps free up resources for other important initiatives. The Architectural Review Board regularly approves the use of solar panels on homes, and reviews new, efficient exterior home products for use in the community. The Committee on the Environment (COE) looks at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, while maintaining a balance with wildlife.

Solar Panel electrical hookupAs such, a sub-committee of the COE was formed to study the effectiveness of adding solar panels to MVF facilities. This group spent 10 months researching information on the feasibility of installing solar panels on various building owned by MVF. As a result of their hard work, the Committee on the Environment and the MVF Board decided to install solar panels on Lake Marion Community Center (LMCC), with the possibility of adding other facilities in the near future.

About 300 solar panels were installed on the roof of LMCC, sending collected solar energy through nine inverters, helping to power LMCC. This project was approved by the MVF Board in 2014 and after permitting and installation, was ready for Pepco to turn on in mid-July. Through a Purchase Power Agreement with Paradise, MVF is projected to save $250,000 in energy costs over the next 25 years.

A display kiosk inside LMCC monitors real-time power usage, savings and other comparisons. The monitor shows items such as how much energy was produced on a daily basis, how much energy has been used and other useful information including the weather. The system produces a portion of the electricity used at LMCC. In addition, to further reduce energy costs, the community center will be receiving all new LED lighting. After monitoring the success of this facility, MVF plans to duplicate it at other facilities, building commitment to the future of Montgomery Village.

Midcounty Highway Extended (M-83)

I-270 Project

Watkins Mill Interchange
MVF staff continues to monitor transportation projects that are important to Village residents. The Watkins Mill Interchange project started in Summer 2017, and regular construction updates are provided on the MD State Highway Administration (MSHA) website. According to the project manager, current work on the project includes: the completion of work on Pier #1 on southbound I-270; WSSC waterline testing; the completion of the footer for Pier #3 on southbound I-270; pile driving for Pier #4 on southbound I-270; and box culvert and backfilling work on the project also continues. The project is reported to be approximately 73% complete as of September 2019. Progress permitting, the entire project should be complete by late Summer 2020.

I-270 Innovative Congestion Management

SHA Project Information

I-495 & I-270 P3 Program

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced the Traffic Relief Plan to reduce traffic congestion, increase economic development, but most importantly, enhance safety and return quality of life to Maryland commuters. This announcement goes hand-in-hand with the State’s determination and commitment to deliver state-of-the-art transportation solutions to Maryland residents.

To help address some of Maryland’s transportation challenges, the Traffic Relief Plan will incorporate many projects around the state by providing a “system of systems” for users including improvements to highways and transit. The largest initiative in the Traffic Relief Plan will evaluate improvements in the I-495 and I-270 corridors, which will consider transformative solutions to address congestion along these highways in Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Frederick Counties.

The I-495 & I-270 P3 Program is a historic effort to reduce congestion for millions of Maryland drivers by seeking input from the private sector to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain improvements on both I-495 and I-270. Improvements will be focused to transform these overloaded interstates to allow people to reach their destinations faster and to remove overflow traffic from the local roads.

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