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What you need to know for the 2024 pool season


What to know for the 2024 pool season Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) is preparing for the 2024 pool season, including getting our pools ready for summer. The 2024 Pool Schedule and updates to the Pool Operating Policy were recently approved by the MVF Board of Directors at its January Meeting. Here is what you need to know for the 2024 MVF Pool Season: 

The Pool Schedule was approved by the MVF Board of Directors at its January Meeting. It will be mailed to all DU Activity Cardholders along with their Validation Stickers, and it can also be viewed online at
Stedwick Pool will be the first pool open for the early Spring season beginning Saturday, May 18. 

For 2024, the standard Activity Card Policy is in effect. If an assessment account is not at a zero balance as of April 30 in any year, beginning May 1, payment of any prior balance, as well as the full assessment amount through the end of the current fiscal year, must
be received as a condition for issuance of an Activity Card or Validation Sticker. The full policy can be reviewed online at The Activity Card Policy no longer requires Activity Cardholders to update their photo every 5 years. Residents are allowed to keep their Activity Cards for the duration while living in Montgomery Village. The new process also steers residents who do need a new or replacement Activity Card to apply online. To start the Activity Card process, visit

The Pool Operating Policy was approved by the MVF Board of Directors at its January Meeting to continue to ensure the maximum safety
and enjoyment of the six MVFowned and operated pools. The 2024 revisions include: eliminating the need for Non-Designated Users to have a paper Activity Card, but still require the purchase of the Single Guest Pass from the MVF Office; no outside furniture to be permitted in the pool facility; further instructions on the types of toys that are permitted in the pool facility; and clarification regarding the
areas of the pool where active arms-reach supervision of nonswimmers is acceptable. The full policy can be reviewed online at For more information or questions, call 301-948-0110 or visit

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