New members installed, service awards given at MVF Annual Meeting

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by Mike Conroy
The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors held its annual meeting on Thursday, March 31 in North Creek Community Center. During the meeting, newly elected members to the Board, Laura Franke and Jim Marsh, and incumbent Scott Dyer, were installed for their 2016-2019 term. Outgoing directors Linda Moore and Ricardo Camacho were thanked for their service to the Board and the community. Dyer, Franke and Marsh were announced as the winning candidates after the March 5 ballot counting.
Board President John Driscoll opened the meeting with an address to the Village, noting highlights of 2015. Driscoll talked about the recently approved Montgomery Village Master Plan, and how integral the Vision 2030 Plan, Village residents and the MVF Board were in the process. He noted that the county was thankful for the input, and he was proud of the community involvement.

Driscoll mentioned several accomplishments of 2015 including: the beginning stages for renovation of the Apple Ridge Pool and Bathhouse; the completion of the South Valley Park Restrooms and Concession Stand; the county’s dredging project at Lake

Whetstone; the solar panel installation on Lake Marion Community Center; involvement in county tree programs; and the launch of the new Montgomery Village website.

He noted that several local community members took new positions with their respective agencies, and that the Board looks forward to working with their replacements. Additionally, Driscoll looks forward to celebrating the Village’s 50th Anniversary, and was thankful for the work the 50th Anniversary Committee had done planning events for this year.

Driscoll was appreciative of the variety of recreation programs, classes, camps and events that are put together each year, noting that residents often let him know they enjoy them as well. Finally, he was optimistic about new possibilities for community and economic growth, saying he enjoyed working on these projects as president for the last two years.

Board Treasurer Beth-Ellen Berry reviewed the 2015 financials, following an unqualified opinion given in the 2015 MVF Audit, by the audit firm Malvin Riggins & Company. Berry noted that the auditors continued to favor MVF’s internal control procedures.
The year ended on a positive financial note. Net Income was reported as $718,672, approximately $123,000 ahead of the budget. The Operating Fund planned for a $152,402 deficit, however ended the year favorable to the budget at $217,987. Revenue was greater than the budget by approximately $50,000, with better than expected revenues from management, disclosure and Capital Contribution fees. And Personnel costs were under budget by nearly $150,000 due to vacancies throughout the year and lower seasonal wages.

Contributions to Reserves were made according to the budget, totaling $987,050.

Berry said that $1,030,740 was invested in MVF Assets, including the construction of the South Valley Park facilities; MVF Office equipment and technology upgrades; and pool equipment and community center repairs.
Berry also noted that the Whetstone Pool renovation was on budget, and costed $1,977,953. The Lake Marion Solar Panel Installation costed MVF no money up front, and would yield approximately $200,000 in savings over the life of the contract. It is expected that the panels will replace 50% of the electrical use at the community center.

Finally, Berry was pleased to report that due to changes in the MVF Collection Policy, delinquencies are at an 8-year low, at 8.5%. Outstanding balances decreased by $200,000 and foreclosure cases were down 40%.
During the meeting, the Board also honored several community members, organizations and staff members for their volunteer efforts, service to the community or years of dedicated employment.

Community Service Awards
•    Ian Franke for successful completion of his Eagle Scout Project, which consisted of coordinating volunteers and materials to add landscaping to the entrance sign at William Hurley Park.
•    Secure Medical Care for their long-standing professional support and volunteerism for MVF programs and camps.
•    Girl Scout Junior Troop 4206 for completion of their Bronze Award Project at North Creek Nature Center. The project consisted of coordinating supplies, volunteers and materials for landscaping at the Nature Center site.
Super Sponsor Awards
•    Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning for their superior customer service and quality workmanship, as well as a generous marketing plan that helps subsidize MVF publications and events.
•    Georgetown Hill for their sponsorship and participation in MVF events, adding activities for young Village residents.
Outgoing Board Members
•    Ricardo Camacho
•    Linda Moore
Staff Service Awards
•    Humberto Benitez, Sales & Marketing Manager – 5 years
•    Juana Hernandez, Executive Assistant to the EVP/CFO – 5 years
•    Heather Sharpless, Architectural Standards Administrator – 5 years
•    Mike Conroy, Director of Communications – 10 years
•    Erika Hottinger, Architectural Standards Administrator – 10 years
•    Petra Padilla, Aquatics Manager – 10 years
•    Nicole Meads, Office Manager – 15 years
•    Rolando Castaneda, Building Custodian – 15 years
•    Scott Gole, Assistant Directors of Recreation, Parks and Culture – 35 years
•    Diane Stasiewicz, Director of Architectural Standards – 35 years
Employee Recognition Awards
•    Mike Conroy, Director of Communications
•    Martha Cruz, Architectural Standards
•    Scott Gole, Recreation, Parks and Culture
•    Mary Holmes, Finance and Administration
•    Cristian Juarez, Community Management
•    Melanie Maggi, Recreation, Parks and Culture
•    Maria Pullifrone, Communications
•    Ron Schroers, Recreation, Parks and Culture
•    Dana Workman, Finance and Administration