MVF Board approves guidelines for 2017 election

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by Mike Conroy

As per regular practice, the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Nominating and Election committees meet in late August or early September to review materials for the annual MVF Board of Directors Election. They forward recommended changes to the MVF Board for approval before the election process begins with the first call for candidates.

At the September 22 MVF Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the Guidelines for Applicants Seeking Nomination to the MVF Board of Directors; the Application for Candidacy; the MVF Call for Candidates; Election and Voting Procedures; Voting Information for individual ballots; the 2016-2017 Election Calendar; and changes to the format of the Candidates’ Forum. Most of the recommendations from the Nominating and Election committees were clerical, or date-related changes.

At the 2017 Candidates’ Forum, residents who wish to ask questions will be asked to do so in a civil and respectful manner, and within a one-minute timeframe—the same amount of time each candidate has to answer the question. Residents interested in becoming a member of the MVF Board of Directors should look for the first Call for Candidates in the Friday, Nov. 4 issue of the Village News for application details.

Other Agenda Items
Based on recommendation from the Architectural Review Board (ARB), the MVF Board approved updated guidelines for basketball poles and new Village-wide guidelines for greenhouses. At the August and September ARB meetings, revisions to the Basketball Backboard Policy were discussed, and a revision to make distance requirements in this document and the Basketball Unit Guidelines consistent was forwarded to the Board.

Following a resident request for a greenhouse in Eastgate in July, the ARB drafted guidelines for such structures to conform to Village design standards. The guidelines outline requirements for general, freestanding and attached greenhouses, and the new guidelines, which were approved by the MVF Board, can be found online at

The Board also approved bids for roof replacement at North Creek Community Center (NCCC) and the Watkins Mill Bathhouse, as well as an HVAC replacement at NCCC. S&K Roofing was selected to perform the roof replacements at a cost not to exceed $50,997 from Reserves. Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning was selected for the HVAC replacement at a cost not to exceed $30,439 from Reserves.

President’s Remarks
MVF Board President Pete Young commented on another successful pool season, and thanked MVF staff for their work. He also noted several upcoming fall events, including the Great Pumpkin Race and Fall Festival, scheduled from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15 at North Creek Community Center, 20125 Arrowhead Road; Young said it’s “his year to bring the win back to MVF” in the opening races.

EVP Report
Executive Vice President Dave Humpton noted that the Board would look to finalize the MVF 2017 Budget at the Thursday, Oct. 27 meeting. He said that he and CFO Greg Snellings would be looking at year-to-date (YTD) expenses to see if the proposed increase in the MVF Fund can be lessened. Humpton also mentioned that Montgomery County will soon begin work on the Lake Whetstone outfall riser. During this project, the construction area will be fenced and the water level in the lake will be lowered several feet.

He informed the Board that the Apple Ridge Pool renovation had begun and that Apple Ridge Recreation Area is fenced. While parts of the area are open (ball fields, tennis courts, basketball court), there is no parking at the site. Additionally, Keller Construction Management will periodically be flying their FAA-licensed drone over the site to take some aerial photos, which will be shared on the MVF website when available.

Treasurer’s Report
CFO Snellings gave the financial report for both the month of August and YTD. Total Revenue was reported at $5,486,082 YTD, and Operating Expenses at $5,210,614 YTD. MVF’s YTD Net Income is approximately $850,000 versus a budget of $400,000.

The Capital Contribution Fee totaled $100,577 YTD, with $18,888 added in August. Contributions to Reserves (CTR) in the amount of $85,434 were made for the month, bringing the total YTD CTR to $683,475.

Snellings reported the Operating Fund activity totaled $663,488 for the month which was a net loss of about $143,000; however, this was expected due to regular increases in the summer/pool seasons. It was noted this is expected to even out by the year’s end.

With $5.5 million in Revenue and only $5.2 million in Expenses YTD, MVF is approximately $275,000 ahead of budget. Considering that the budget called for a loss in revenue at this point in the year, the end result is about $320,000 favorable to the budget. This excess will be considered in the final MVF 2017 Budget proposal for the MVF Fund assessment.

The Balance Sheet maintains MVF’s strong financial position, showing $8,393,079 in Cash and Investments, and $15,852,962 in total assets. Collections activity (assessment receivables) is favorable by approximately $200,000. Snellings expects to see the continuing decreased trend in Delinquencies for the third quarter.

Next Meeting
The next MVF Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road. The meeting begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. with Residents Time. Residents are invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting agenda and information packet will be available online at the week of the meeting.