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As a community, we have been actively working on the future vision and plans for Montgomery Village for over eight years. I am proud that together we have been making steady progress to reimagine, renew and revitalize our community for the next 50 years of our history. Sometimes it is difficult to see the progress we are making, as the timeline for these activities is long.

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to testify on behalf of the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board before the Montgomery County Planning Board regarding the site plan for the former Montgomery Village Golf Course—also known as the Bloom Montgomery Village site. The Planning Board voted unanimously to forward the plan to the county council for approval. This is a huge milestone for this project, and a significant step towards seeing the vision we have all laid out come to life. While there is still work to be done before we see that site under construction, this milestone was critical in moving the community forward.

We have had a number of major milestones in the past few years that I thought I would call to your attention. It has only been through the countless hours of effort, advocacy and shared vision that we have seen these goals met:

  • MVF Long Range Facilities Plan (that has resulted in multiple projects)
  • MVF Vision 2030 Plan (that supported the MV Master Plan process)
  • First ever Montgomery Village Master Plan (we are now a distinct plan from "Gaithersburg East")
  • MV Bloom Site Plan submission (and approval by Planning Board)

We are eagerly awaiting the next major milestones, including the Village Center site plan hearing and redevelopment (after sale) of the Village Professional Center. At this time of year I am thankful for the many residents who have been part of this journey. I hope that you will continue to help us make our visions come alive. In the meantime, if you would like to see more about the Bloom plan or other projects that are in process in the Village, please visit the websites below:

I hope that all of you have a blessed holiday season, have a chance to spend time with your families and pause to be thankful for all we have together in our community. 

As always, I invite you to get involved, share your talents and thoughts with us, and help Montgomery Village stay the amazing community it has been all these years. I welcome your feedback; please e-mail me at