Looking ahead

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Strategic Planning Retreat

The MVF Board held its annual Strategic Planning Retreat on Saturday, May 4 at the Stedwick Community Center. There were a number of important topics for the Board to discuss, including areas (programs, facilities, services) that MVF can improve on, and how we are addressing the customer service needs of our diverse community.

There was a lengthy discussion about the future of the Watkins Mill Pool and whether the site might serve the community in a different capacity. The MVF Election process was also a topic for discussion and centered on changing how candidates present information to the public with the goal of increasing voter participation. A long-term goal of the Board would be to strongly consider electronic voting.

A detailed presentation on the status of the various commercial sites, including Bloom MV (former golf course), the Village Center and the former Professional Center, was provided. Lastly, the Board focused on a review of MVF’s 5-Year Financial Plan, which included up to date assumptions about the new housing units expected to be annexed into MVF over the next five years. Notes from the meeting can be found on the MVF website in the May 23 Board meeting packet.

Upcounty Complete Count Census

MVF had a staff representative at the Upcounty Complete Count Census 2020 meeting in Germantown to brainstorm outreach ideas for community involvement. Census data is used in a variety of ways, including distribution of federal funds, per person, to the county, based on the information that residents provide. These funds are then utilized for things like medical research, education, transportation, infrastructure, analyzing local trends that draw new business and analyzing consumer needs.

It will be important for us here at MVF to motivate our residents to respond to the new census, and we will be partnering with community leaders and trusted voices in our county to provide the most accurate information about Montgomery Village that we can. In the coming months, you will likely see literature across the Village News and social media channels, as well as census representatives in our communities to help residents answer questions about the census, and we encourage all to help spread the word.