Help keep the Village looking its best—say something to curb vandalism

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In Montgomery Village, there are over 330 acres of parkland, which includes greenery, trees, walking/biking trails, lakes, play equipment, sports fields and plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife, right in your backyard. A portion of assessment fees paid to the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) go to maintenance and upkeep of these greenspaces for resident enjoyment. For the most part, park users are respectful of the properties, equipment and surroundings, which is much appreciated and goes a long way in keeping the Village looking its best.

Unfortunately, a few park areas in the Village have been recent targets of vandalism. These unsightly markings make the community look bad and cost residents time and money to have them removed. Each year, MVF must use thousands of resident assessment dollars, staff time and resources to restore damaged areas of the Village. The resources used in these areas could be better spent on new services or programs that enhance the community, rather than cleaning up items that distract from its appearance.

Two recent incidents have included vandalism in South Valley Park and Martin P. Roy Park. Thankfully, witnesses have come forward with information that has helped police follow leads to curb future incidents.

Residents are asked if they see something, to say something. Please report instances like this to MVF at 301-948-0110 and/or the police at 301-279-8000 so these incidents can be kept to a minimum. Anonymous tips can be used in conjunction with working with the 6th District Police to catch vandals. Help protect your investment in the community and make sure your assessment dollars are spent to further enhance the Village.