Golf course development update/MOU executed

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by David Humpton, EVP

The number one question I get from residents is when houses are going to start popping up on the former golf course property. And my stock answer is always the same. Monument Realty is going through the county process, and the plans will be modified over time; I expect in 18 to 24 months there will probably be some construction. I check in with county planning staff and Monument Realty regularly to get the latest updates.

Planning staff has completed its review of the FEMA flood plain boundary correction, and has approved the revision. The approval clears the way for a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) to be submitted soon, which, under normal conditions, would be approved within
6 weeks. Once the NRI is approved, Monument will submit a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision to M-NCPPC, which will provide for additional public comment. This process is expected to continue for 4 to 6 months.

Once the Preliminary Plan is approved, Monument will submit a site plan application for the project, which is another opportunity for public comment. The site plan process could take an additional 4 months. Then there is the building permit stage.

Another important update is the execution of the MOU between MVF and USL2 MR MONTGOMERY VILLAGE BUSINESS TRUST (Monument Realty), which the MVF Board authorized. The MOU provides for annexation of new residential units into MVF, specifies the conveyance of park property and improvements to MVF, as well as other requirements that both parties have to adhere to.

Friendly drone alert/Apple Ridge Pool construction
Final permit approval was received from Montgomery County to commence construction of the new pool and bathhouse. It took almost 100 days to get the site/sediment control permits, although 60 days had been planned by our general contractor, Keller Construction, in the construction schedule. Also, Keller Construction has informed MVF that it will share aerial pictures documenting construction on the site. The aerial pictures are taken from a drone that Keller Construction has licensed with the FAA. When available, these photos will be on the MVF website, which will show the construction progress.

Community policing meeting
A big thank you to 6th District Commander Dinesh Patil, who briefed over 50 residents during a community meeting hosted by the MVF Board of Directors. The commander started the meeting by sharing crime statistics in the 6th District, noting that for the most part, crime offenses are down as compared to last year.

He also discussed increased gang activity and recurring graffiti in our parks and commercial areas. He noted that the recent gang murders had been a major focus of his department.

Commander Patil mentioned how body cameras have been deployed to all county officers which he believes are an important accountability tool. The commander responded to many questions, ranging from the lack of parking enforcement of illegal commercial vehicles on public streets to the use of police officers at schools. MVF will continue to host community policing meetings so that residents can share their concerns and questions.

Lake Whetstone riser repair/lake water to drop
Fortunately, MVF has an easement/agreement with Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to maintain the major infrastructure of Lake Whetstone and other storm water management facilities owned by MVF. DEP completed the dredging earlier this year and now will begin major repairs to the outfall structure located in the northern most section of Lake Whetstone.

DEP recently signed a contract with Norair and should commence work on the outfall structure within 30 days. An easement to allow the contractor to access the lake and store construction materials at the north dock area was executed between DEP and the Whetstone Homes Corporation. At some point during the construction project, the lake will be lowered between 3 and 4 feet, which will expose a large area of the shoreline and part of the lake bottom in shallower areas. The contractor will be placing safety fencing around the entire lake during the duration of construction.