County Racial Equity Initiative

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Many upcounty leaders and community members (approximately 500) attended a Community Conversation on Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative on June 26 at the BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown. County Executive Elrich and County Council President Navarro presented data on disparities by race and ethnicity from 2011 to 2015. This included data for education, employment and housing and income. After the presentations by the elected officials, participants sitting in different groups were asked to respond to a series of questions about how racial equity and social justice impacted each participant and what policies or laws could be put in place to reduce the disparities between racial and ethnic groups. President Navarro is hopeful to have public hearings and pass legislation enacting Racial Equity and Social Justice Policy in the fall of 2019. More information about this initiative can be found on the Council’s website,, and click on the Equity Matters in MoCo icon.

Electronic Sign Update

The commercial building permit and the sign permit review for the digital sign to be installed near Lake Marion Community Center have been completed, and permits were issued by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.  Kerley Signs will now order the sign, which should take about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  They will also order the supplies for the faux stone monument base.  They will build the header cabinet for the sign while they are waiting for delivery of the digital sign.  Staff will contract with an electrician to install the electric service from Lake Marion Community Center out to the sign location. Kerley Signs estimates that the sign should be installed and operational by early to mid-September.