Architectural Standards resources available to all

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The Architectural Standards (AS) Department has provided the Village with a variety of resources to assist and support homeowners with their many exterior property changes or architectural needs. Below are listed many of these informational resources available to all online, at the Montgomery Village Foundation Office and through many of our dedicated individuals.

Village News
Various feature articles are written by the Architectural Standards review and compliance staff throughout the year to update and notify homeowners about changes within their community or the Village itself. These articles contain informative features ranging from community door styles to proactive compliance schedules. Other architectural articles are generated from various questions the department receives on a daily basis. Also, all Architectural Review Board (ARB) decisions are published following each scheduled ARB meeting and may be found on the Architectural Standards page.

The MVF website is a wonderful source for many Architectural Standards items and issues. Resources within the website include all architectural articles in the Village News, community criteria for all 65 communities, Village-wide guidelines, checklists, the Step-by-Step Guide to the architectural process, and other frequently asked questions. Residents can also submit a Property Improvement Request online.

The Architectural Review Board is an excellent source of information when applying for an exterior change. Their individual and collective wealth of architectural knowledge upon review brings invaluable assistance to each homeowner, each community and the Village as a whole.

MVF Design Consultant
Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) employs a part-time consultant, George Smith, who has been with the Village from almost day one. His major role is to assist in the color and material changes throughout the Village and is the “go to” person for all major replacement materials. His knowledge and assistance over the years has been invaluable to the Village.
The annual Architectural Standards

Home Show
This annual spring show features the Architectural Standards Department staff, the ARB and the design consultant, as well as numerous exterior contractors. The show provides homeowners and families with educational information concerning the architectural standards process as well as providing them with the opportunity to connect with many contractors.

The 2016 Home Show has been scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 19 at Lake Marion Community Center, 8821 East Village Avenue. Be sure to mark your calendar!