Apple Ridge Pool and Bathhouse renovations to begin soon

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With the pool season winding down and Apple Ridge Pool closed for the season, the pool and bathhouse renovations at Apple Ridge will soon be under way. Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) staff has been draining the pool and moving out equipment, supplies and pool furniture to other locations in preparation for the renovation.

It is anticipated that the contractor will begin getting the site ready for demolition next week. The site preparation will include installing construction fencing around the perimeter of the pool and parking lot. During the renovation, the parking lot will not be accessible to the public, as it will be used for storing materials and as a construction entrance for dump trucks and other construction vehicles.

The tennis courts will still be open, but will only be accessible through the tennis court gate on the side of the courts closest to the Georgetown Hill Early School (GHES). All other gates will be locked. The basketball court will also only be accessible through the MVF greenspace between the tennis courts and the GHES property. The soccer field will be accessible through the MVF greenspace along the west and north sides of the pool (there is a pedestrian tunnel under Apple Ridge Road that leads from the MVF Office parking lots to the described MVF greenspace).

The pool and bathhouse renovation will take approximately 9 months, and the pool is scheduled to re-open for the 2017 pool season. The new “leisure” pool will feature a “lazy river” or current channel; an open body slide; a double family slide; water features including dump buckets and pipe falls; spray ground; beach entry; in-water sun-shelf lounging area; an underwater bench sitting area with cool water jets; a bridge to an island pool deck; and an ADA compliant access ramp. Additionally, the wading pool will feature a beach entry and water features suitable for younger pool-goers.

The bathhouse renovations will include a family bathroom; individual shower/changing stalls; new sinks, counters and plumbing fixtures; and new lighting. The pool and bathhouse will be fully ADA compliant and will have new handicap parking in front of the building.

Residents are reminded to remain out of the construction area while the renovation is taking place for safety reasons. The construction work will conform to Montgomery County noise ordinances. Updates will be provided in future issues of the Village News and at