Residents encouraged to sign up for website account

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With the change to the new Montgomery Village website, residents are encouraged to sign up for a resident account to access both community and personal homeowner information. The new website eliminated long, hard-to-use menus and pages cluttered with information, and replaced them with streamlined menus, breadcrumb trails and accordion-style page layouts that contain useful information in an organized manner.

One major change from the previous website is the location of community information, including association policies, meeting minutes, board of directors information and architectural criteria. While each association has a basic page on the outward facing site, the detailed information is contained on the resident dashboard, and accessed by logging in. This reorganization aims to have more resident interaction on the website, and provides homeowners with only the information pertinent to their association and property. Residents with multiple properties are able to switch between properties inside their dashboard, having all their properties’ information in one convenient place.

In addition to local association information, homeowners will also have access to ARB decisions for improvements to their property; Architectural and Covenant Violations; Recurring Charges; Transaction History, including balance due or account credits; and their Member Profile. This information is only viewable to residents with verified homeowner status. Renters will be granted access to view community documents, but not property information.

To sign up for an account, click the “Join” link in the upper right hand corner of the website. After the account is verified by staff, residents will receive an e-mail alerting them to account approval. Once logged in, residents can click the “My Account” link in the upper right hand corner to access documents and property information.

In addition to the Resident Dashboard, residents can also elect to receive SMS/Text Alerts when they sign up for an account. This service will provide the Montgomery Village Foundation one more convenient way to send important community information about events, closures, reminders and more directly to residents.

As with any change, there will be an adjustment period while residents and staff get used to the new website and dashboard layout. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please send your feedback to Director of Communications Mike Conroy at 240-243-2331 or e-mail