MVF Board approves permanent cricket pitch for Apple Ridge ballfield

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by Mike Conroy

Since 2006, a temporary cricket pitch has been maintained in the outfield of Apple Ridge ballfield. Use of this pitch by Village residents and teams associated with the Maryland Premier Cricket League (MPCL) has grown over the last several years, resulting in many teams using the field and visiting Montgomery Village on a regular basis. Based on staff’s analysis of requests and proposals from MCPL, the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors has approved the negotiation of an agreement with MCPL to donate funds for a permanent pitch at the Apple Ridge ballfield location.

MPCL will share their expertise related to the pitch with MVF, which will be funded by the Capital Contribution Fee. It is proposed that the negotiated funds from MCPL will be used for current and future maintenance on the pitch, with anticipated installation for a fall 2016 season. The permanent cricket pitch will provide a much better surface for playing games, as well as practice time for 6 to 8 teams.

Other Agenda Items
In other regular business, the Board appointed a chairperson for the Recreation Committee and two bids for maintenance work at MVF facilities. Per the Recreation Committee’s recommendation, Karen Neilson was re-appointed chair of the committee by the Board.
A bid for concrete repair work at North Creek and Lake Marion community centers was awarded to Total Asphalt Maintenance for $26,583.25 to fix cracked and heaving sidewalks and curbing. Additionally, Playground Specialists, Inc. was awarded a bid for $12,705 to install engineered fiberwood surfacing at MVF tot lots. A survey of MVF tot lots revealed that 385 cubic yards of new safety surfacing was needed at the 12 locations.

President’s Remarks
In the absence of both the President and Vice President, Past President John Driscoll chaired the meeting and addressed a concern raised during Residents Time. Driscoll noted that although Lake Whetstone vegetation was not cut at varying heights per the policy, the plants have grown to varying heights now and meet the requirements suitable for a Zone 1 Riparian Buffer.

EVP Report
Executive Vice President Dave Humpton reported that the new zoning classifications set forth by the county in the overlay zoning of the Master Plan are now in place in the Village. He also noted that the dredging project at Lake Whetstone has been completed, and that the park is open for fishing, boating and other activities. Some minor work (tree planting, fence repairs and other miscellaneous items) still need to be addressed by the county. The Board authorized installation of an additional fence near the delta as a safety measure.

Humpton also mentioned recent accolades from a resident regarding the service they received from front desk staff at the MVF Office. He acknowledged the hard work staff puts in this time of year, especially fieldling questions regarding the recent changes in the Collection Policy.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Beth-Ellen Berry gave the financial report for the month of May and the year-to-date (YTD), noting that MVF remains in solid financial position. MVF Revenue is on target with the budget for May and favorable YTD, with Investment Income driving the YTD surplus. For May, advertising and assessment fees are slightly under budget, with disclosure fees trending slightly favorable to the budget.

Personnel Costs are favorable by $93,416 YTD due to several vacant positions and a state unemployment tax refund due to a decrease in the rate. Operating Expenses for May are greater than expected for spring maintenance related to heavy rains; YTD Operating Costs are favorable to the budget by $137,769.

Contributions to Reserves were made in accordance with the budget (85,434 in May), totaling $427,172 YTD. The Capital Contribution Fee brought $12,770 in May, with the YTD total at $44,776. Approximately $318,000 has been spent YTD on Reserve Assets. Net Income for the month was unfavorable to the budget by approximately $13,000, but remains favorable YTD at $925,000.

The Balance Sheet shows MVF has $8.5 million in cash and investments. This includes $2 million in Undesignated Reserves and over $6 million in Designated Reserves. Delinquencies and bankruptcies were also reported as less than those of the same time last year.

Berry also announced her resignation as Treasurer; she was thanked by the Board for her service.  A new Treasurer is needed to fill the vacancy. Responsibilities include overseeing all accounting and treasury functions of MVF; making investment decisions in accordance with the investment policies of MVF; reviewing MVF’s monthly financial statement; and presenting monthly statements to the Board at their monthly meetings.

Residents interested in the position, or those with questions should e-mail Chief Financial Officer Greg Snellings at

Next Meeting
The next MVF Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 28 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road. The meeting begins promptly at 7:30 p.m. with Residents Time. Residents are invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting agenda and information packet will be available online at the week of the meeting.