2017 Architectural Standards Community Inspections

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The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Architectural Standards Department will be performing its annual scheduled community inspections beginning in January 2017. The communities to be inspected this year include the following:

South Village Homes Corporation
•    Grover’s Forge
•    Dockside
•    Millrace
•    Nathan’s Hill
•    Center Stage
•    The Hamptons
•    Walker’s Choice

Stedwick Homes Corporation
•    Frenchton Place
•    Forest Brooke
•    Club Hill
•    The Heights
•    The Ridges
•    Clusters I
•    Clusters II
•    Clusters III

These inspections are an important service that fulfills one of MVF’s core responsibilities, that of maintaining the architectural integrity and harmony of Village properties and enforcing architectural covenants.

Properties are inspected to determine if they comply with the architectural criteria and guidelines for each community. Check the MVF website, www.montgomeryvillage.com, for architectural criteria and guidelines for your community. Inspections include the exterior of homes, decks, fences, patios, walkways, sheds and any other structures or additions.

Residents should check with the Architectural Standards Department before making any visual changes to either their homes or yards. Architectural inspections do not include general maintenance of private residences, which are addressed by the individual homes corporations and their Private Property Maintenance Inspections and are conducted on an annual basis.

For more information, contact the Architectural Standards Department at 301-948-0110.