Administrative Assistant

Pay Starting Rate: 
$31,000 - $32,500
Job Description: 

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing general administrative support to the Architectural Standards Department of the Montgomery Village Foundation, including answering calls from and providing customer service to residents related to the department’s work, organizing electronic and hard copy files, and supporting the department’s review and compliance teams.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Screens incoming department phone calls, answers general questions about the department’s work, and directs specific questions to the appropriate department staff member. *
  • Provides customer service to residents in person, over the phone, and by email with inquiries related to the department, including the application submission process, the application review process, the enforcement and compliance processes, and applicable review fees. *
  • Administers the resale inspection process for the department. Distributes resale inspection requests to the appropriate compliance staff, sends daily reminders about resale inspection deadlines, uploads inspection letters and other architectural documents to the HomeWise resale system, prepares the resale certificate information, and updates the internal resale log. *
  • Maintains all files related to the department’s legal cases; works closely with the director to monitor legal cases and ensure timely follow-up with residents; prepares appropriate documentation and communications for legal cases with the supervision of the department director. *
  • Responsible for printing, mailing, and/or emailing decision letters to homeowners. *
  • Responsible for scanning and saving all files related to an architectural application into the organization’s electronic document storage system. *
  • Takes notes at weekly departmental meetings and saves and distributes them in a timely manner to the department. *
  • Organizes and maintains all departmental hard copy and electronic files. *
  • Ensures all architectural documents on the MVF website are current. *
  • Organizes the department’s office supplies and printer toner and places orders for new supplies in a timely manner. *
  • Responsible for maintaining the department’s homeowner files scanning log and re-organizing and re-labeling all scanned homeowner files within the organization’s electronic document storage system. *
  • Prepares a daily list of architectural violations where a review fee was added to a homeowner’s account and gives the list to the designated staff in the Financial Affairs Department by close of business each day. *
  • Responsible for updating external property profiles in advance of scheduled inspections. *
  • Distributes the department’s mail to the appropriate department staff member.
  • Responsible for maintaining specific articles and columns printed in the Village News for future use in the department. 
  • Maintains hard copies of the department’s forms in the MVF office lobby.
  • Submits setup requests for all department committee meetings, purchases refreshments for the meetings on the department’s behalf, and ensures the room is set up before the meetings.
  • Works Saturday mornings when the MVF office is open (generally May through July).
  • Assists with setup for and attends department events on the weekends (typically one or two events per year).
  • Organizes department teambuilding events.
  • Covers front desk duties when emergency coverage is needed – i.e. when the front desk is unexpectedly short-staffed, or when short-term coverage is needed during lunch breaks and/or mail runs due to being short-staffed. Front desk coverage duties are irregular and shared with other departments.
  • Performs other administrative duties as assigned by the AS Director.
Job Requirements: 


  • High school diploma is required.  Some college preferred.  A minimum of 3 years of relevant administrative or professional experience, or the equivalent combination of education and work experience, is required.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely in both verbal and written communications.
  • Proven ability to provide excellent customer service, including experience answering phone calls.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to build and maintain strong working relationships.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle routine administrative tasks and operational issues.
  • Ability to multitask with strong attention to detail, organization, and time management.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow standard practices and procedures, receive general instructions and supervision, and contribute to team goals and objectives.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent computer skills and ability to learn new software programs. Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, specifically Word and Excel, required.
  • Fluency in English – written and spoken – required.
  • Fluency in Spanish preferred.
Contact Information: 

E-mail cover letter and résumé to MVF is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Position Type: 
Full Time